Tranquil Garden Beta Trailer is Out and the Game's 65% Complete!

Since the Game's Beta Demo (Version 2.1.0) is OUT NOW and FREE TO DOWNLOAD, we put together a Trailer to show you some cool gameplay highlights. We're keeping the momentum going with development as best as we can, and we can actually say now that we've gotten 65% of the game completed so far...

► Out of 33 uniquely designed enemies, all of them have been mostly finished and just need slight touch-ups.

► All 10 cutscene pieces have been finished.

► Over 40 different usable Magic skills and over 90 different items of equipment have been appropriately balanced, and they allow for some fun world/character building elements.

► Contains several refreshing and fun musical tracks inspired by the 16-bit era of RPGs, provided by Gyrowolf and Kadokawa Games.

► Out of a solid 50 unique maps, 26 of them are actually finished. The remaining 24 have already been put together, but I'm still working on placing their events and testing the dialogue.

► As of right now, the estimate is that there is going to be about 20 hours of gameplay in the final game! It will be a suitable and engaging experience for casual and hardcore RPG Players alike.

Alright, that's all for now! If you have any questions about the points mentioned above or would like any special Game Releases/whatever, feel free to reach out to us on our social links or email us directly at

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