Can the World save itself?

In a serene setting where tried-and-true Heroes face an unexpected evil that challenges one's relationships, none can overcome the dark controller of the elements... That is, until you give it a try.

Tranquil Garden is a casual, easy-to-pick-up RPG with a Character-Driven Narrative that places you in control of Juniper, accompanied by Cedar and Lily. What makes this experience unique is how you and your party grow:

By interacting with the world's citizens and exploring each map, you can gain levels and learn new abilities. And by bonding with your party members through Stat-Boosting Dialogue Prompts, you could become the Hero this world needs!

Explore the vast world of Ativ, a beautiful place inspired by various types of real-life gardens, and experience colorful interactions that may mold your fate. Tackle arduous obstacles and face off against Strange-Looking Monsters in dungeons that Adventurers and even Heroes don't take lightly.

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Is this game released yet?

I love the graphics and also the trailer and the art style,etc.

Keep up the good work!


Nice game, your artworks look great ❣⃛(❛ั◡˜๑)

Thanks so much, we worked really hard on the custom artwork for this RPG Maker project and wanted it to stick out as much as possible while keeping its development scoped appropriately.